DNS in Angola

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I was first inspired to be an educator in the tenth grade, thanks to my teacher at the time, Mr. Bazolua Peter Long. I loved the energy he had and the way he made learning a joy. A few years later, in 2009, I enrolled at the DNS teacher-training college in Caxito, operated by the local development organization ADPP.

I taught fifth and sixth grades in Kissama. I also taught nutrition in the first grade and helped create a school garden to teach children and the public about healthy eating. We also cleaned up the village and planted trees and flowers.  We created a green school.

The training that I received at the DNS college prepared me not only to be a good teacher but to work closely with the community.  After these two and a half years of training I feel strong and ready to contribute to the education of children and the development of my country.

—Sofia Maria Ricardo, a graduate of the DNS college in Caxito


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