Launching into the New Year

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The New Year marks the launch of new learning and opportunities.  The 11 ADPP Teacher Training Colleges in Mozambique are evaluating candidates for the start of the new school year and have been administering the national admission examinations, which are carried out under the purview of the Mozambique Ministry of Education. The exams assess the general knowledge and capacity of the students in three subjects: Portuguese, English and mathematics.

Candidates that successfully complete the written exam will then take an oral exam to further asses general knowledge and communication skills.  ADPP expects to admit 1,528 new students this year into its teacher training program nationwide.

 In 2013, the ADPP colleges together graduated 1038 new teachers from its one-year training program.

“You are now prepared to face any challenge and to resolve it with determination. You are now equipped to overcome any hardship and turn it into development,” Ms. Govene continues her speech. “This is what makes you a ‘different kind of teacher’. This is what makes you a ADPP Teacher Training College graduate.” The steady row of the 63 graduates watched her intensely with many nodding silently with acceptance.

In addition to the Director’s speech, the program of the Graduation Ceremony at the TTC Gaza consisted of the greetings of the Ministry of Education and of the provincial and district representatives, of various cultural performances, including of the TTC Gaza choir and dancing group, of the distribution of the diplomas and flowers and the announcement of prizes and special mentions. The culmination of the event came, however, with the graduates taking the TTC oath: each graduate lit a candle in his/her hand and promised solemnly to abide to the values of the oath – to be a coherent and responsible teacher, do his/her best to improve the quality of teaching in the country and to fulfill his/her role in reducing poverty in the communities.

The oath also marked a change of atmosphere in the room. By the time of the cutting of the cake, the whole room was filled with bubbly and cheerful graduates surrounded by their proud friends and family and bombarded by flower bouquets and small gifts. “Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!” shouted the Director raising a toast at the end of the event, only to momentarily catch the attention of the audience before it scattered away to continue the celebrations of the important day with their families.