Malawi Students to Begin Full-Time Teaching

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Sixty-five student teachers supported by OFID are in training at the Humana People to People DNS teacher training colleges in Malawi.

The students just finished up one of the last periods of their second year. This period, which lasts four months, focuses on living and working with the poor in remote rural areas. The students use community leadership skills acquired in their program to engage local people in various development activities.

The students were assigned to a rural family, with the aim of facilitating change and improving their lives. This experience helped the students obtain a deeper understanding of rural life, especially for low-income families. It also helped them get to know more about the children they will teach and what their lives are like.

After their work with the families, the students completed the Malawi Primary Teacher Certificate Education Examination required by the Malawi National Examinations Board. The results of that exam will be made available later in November.

This is a transitional time for the student teachers. They have much to look forward to in the coming year.

Below are two reflections from students about their experiences so far and their perspectives on the future.


malawi, students, student teachers, DNS, teacher training, "For the two years I have been at DAPP Chilangoma DNS, I have been inspired with so many activities and I already feel like a qualified teacher. I am able to handle a primary school class, plan for work to be done in the next week and do communal activities. I have developed a great passion to live with and support children, especially those from poor families. I have discovered that children have talents, skills, and potential to develop. As such, teachers have a role to nurture the children."


malawi, students, student teachers, DNS, teacher training, "This is my second year at Amalika TTC. For the period I have been at the college, I have personally been transformed by the DNS teachers' training program. I am now able to interact with both school children and people in the community. I know how to do garden farming as well as organizing activities with my fellow students and the community. After graduating as a teacher, I am going to bring great impact to the nation of Malawi and the world as a whole."


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