Student Teacher Reflections: Mozambique

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Forty-nine student teachers supported by OFID are in training at the Humana People to People DNS teacher training colleges in Mozambique.  Two of the trainees recently shared a few thoughts about their decisions to become teachers and their experience in the program. For more information about the DNS methodology, see "The Method" page.


"My dream has always been to become a teacher. As soon as I completed my 12th school year, I enrolled myself at the DNS teacher training college in Maputo. When I arrived to begin my training, I did not imagine what was to come. New city, new people, and a different training model than I imagined.

Since I started training until today, my mind has been opening up. I have been able to face my fears and face challenges.

My student teaching is going very well. Today, I can stand in front of the students and teach a class as it should be.

After finishing my training, I am willing to work anywhere in this country, because where there are children I will be there to teach."


"After seeing a friend graduate from the DNS program, the desire to become a teacher was also born in me. I rolled up my sleeves and studied to enter this training school.

I did not know at first what the teacher training would be like.  I also confess that I had a certain fear of not being accepted by the children. 

One of the first things I noticed when I got into the classroom is that children who could not read or write had been separated from the rest. I put them together and today they know how to read and write very well! 

Today, as I look at the pupils I am teaching, I feel I made the right choice."


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