Experience Makes the Best Teacher

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School is in session and the lessons continue at the DNS teacher training college in Bachil, Guinea-Bissau. Fifteen of the student teachers completing their training at the college operated by ADPP Guinea-Bissau are supported by the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID).

Elisa is among the group; she's been in the program for almost two years and has been fulfilling her full-time practice requirements at rural schools since January 2017.

Elisa spoke about overcoming the challenges of having to teach 47 students on her own, "At the beginning, it was really difficult for me to cope with so many students at one time, but now I know all of them,” she said. “We have created a good relationship and the atmosphere in the classroom is calm, and I could apply what I've learned at the DNS college regarding discipline in the classrooms.”

The DNS teacher training college equips the students not only to be teachers for the primary schools of the rural areas in Guinea-Bissau but also to be community leaders, contributing to the development of the villages and towns where they live and work.

The student teachers in Elisa’s group will complete their full-time practice in June, having gained confidence and skill from having worked hands-on in the classroom.

The training at the DNS Guinea-Bissau teacher training college is part of a regional partnership agreement between OFID and Humana People to People to train 164 new primary school teachers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea-Bissau, Malawi, and Mozambique. Once graduated, the students will be employed by the governments of their respective countries to work in rural primary schools.

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