Madalena Elias Draga is a 2013 graduate of the ADPP Teacher Training College at Gaza.  She was elected Best Student of the Year at the college.

My dream had always been to be a teacher.  I think I will be a good teacher: I enjoy working with children and consider myself consistent in what I teach.

The training at the ADPP Teacher Training College at Gaza has taught me to constantly evaluate my own teaching and to take responsibility for my own learning; this is what the student-centered studying method at the college aims at – and I will try to transmit that to my students. I have also become very familiar with computers and different software, which will help to update my skills and knowledge in the future.

Graduating from the college will enable me to start working and therefore guarantee the studies of my two children. They are now 6 and 8 years old and both go to school. I would actually like to study even further. One day, I’d like to do a Master’s in Pedagogy at the University!